At Central Texas Feline Rescue we believe that Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) is the most effective and most humane way to manage and reduce feral cat populations. We are not alone in this belief. The ASPCA and feral cat protection pioneers, Alley Cat Allies, support TNR.

Ignoring feral cat populations, the most common way of dealing with them, allows the cats to breed out of control, leading to overpopulation and the spread of disease. This makes for miserable, hungry lives for the animals and allows them to become nuisances to neighboring people and even birds.

Trapping and killing of feral cats is practiced by some cities. We believe that this is an inhumane and ultimately ineffective method of feral cat control. Removing cats from the territory they have established leads to the vacuum effect. In other words, other cats move in to fill the void, and the cycle of overpopulation and killing continues. Read about the vacuum effect.

Over time TNRM safely and humanely reduces feral cat populations, because they no longer breed exponentially. The method is also effective in making the feral cats under the program less obtrusive to surrounding people as they are well-fed and happy, and less likely to get into garbage, fight, or yowl.



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