Central Texas Feline Rescue is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization, all donations not for goods or services are tax deductible. We are an all-volunteer TNRM rescue group. We Trap, Neuter (or spay), and Release cats in feral colonies in the Austin/Round Rock area, and then we maintain them through feeding and care. We are involved because we care about bettering the lives of cats, including those that are homeless and not socialized to humans. There is no such thing as a wild domestic feline. All feral cats were once a person’s pet or are the descendents of someone’s pet, and therefore, are the responsibility of people.

After identifying areas where feral cats congregate (what we call colonies) we send volunteers to the area to trap the adult cats and have them spayed or neutered, using the Humane Society of Austin’'s Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Program. You can spot a cat that is being maintained by a TNRM group or individual by its tipped ear, a safe identification technique.

Other volunteers are assigning colonies and feeding days. We feed the cats in our colonies every day, rain or shine. We also provide water and shelter. Would you like to volunteer to trap or feed feral cats?


Our mission is TNR for feral cats in order to control the feral population and improve quality of life. In addition to caring for homeless felines, we strive to find homes for loving, socialized cats and kittens. In this instance we work to find foster homes or placements for adoption. Are you interested in fostering or adopting with Central Texas Feline Rescue? Email info@centraltexasfeline.org.

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